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Tokonoma is a familiar art that expresses the spirit of hospitality to invited guests .

Look at the flowers, hanging scrolls, pottery, etc. decorated according to the season,

An important space that connects people who sympathize with the changing seasons.


Tokonoma unit

Alcove unit

What is an alcove unit?

A building material set that realizes a space of hospitality by combining walls, pillars, flooring materials, etc. into one unit and only partially remodeling the building. It is composed of floor pillars, floor stiles, floor boards, ceiling boards, etc. We will elaborate the design according to the installation location, and provide a rich life with art with a short construction period and a low budget.


Suitable for small spaces

It is also possible to remodel a corner of an apartment building such as an apartment and install a tokonoma.

We will devise construction methods and designs in consideration of the safety of the building. You can purchase the alcove, which is a part of the tea room, like furniture.


Arrange the entire wall

A wide variety of designs can be applied between the alcove of a large mansion. We will make proposals that make use of our experience while following the tastes of the client, and will comprehensively produce a hospitality space. It is also recommended for business owners who are considering a Sukiya-style design for the renewal of stores (hotels, inns, restaurants).


Also suitable for Western-style architecture

Many people may think that Japanese-style designs are not suitable for Western-style architecture. However, it is possible to make a proposal to entertain the invitee by elaborating a unique taste by devising a transition from the surrounding interior to a Japanese space. We also meet the needs of foreigners who have a deep knowledge of Japanese culture and Japanese antique collectors who live abroad.

Tokonoma unit

・Selling price


 (Domestic sales price excluding tax)

 *Transportation fee is required


・Basic dimensions

 W1,350 x H2,200 x D840

   (size can be ordered)


(The following materials are examples.

 We will consult with you

   about changing each material 

 depending on your taste.)

 Pillar Kitayama Sugi polished surface

 Floor pillar Kitayama polished log

 Floor stile (Enju) Hatchet Naguri 


 Dropping red cedar

 Shimodai pine

 Daiwa Akasugi

 Ceiling Akasugi Ukizukuri board

 Yabane net cost knitting

 Base window Knitting with skin

 Underpass for dogs Akasugi wall clasp

 Bamboo nails for hardware shafts

 Peanut nails

 Musou nail

 Tatami rush ordinary table Komon rim

 (You can choose the rim)

 Wall Juraku clay plastering finish

 Lighting Axial lighting fixtures

・Production period

  Usually 2 months

  after receiving an order

・Described in the attached sheet of 

  the drawing

Finished product
State during production
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