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Japanese carpentry

Japanese Carpentry

Yamasho is a company of master Japanese carpenters specializing in both sukiya and residential  architecture and design. They work with the distinctive beauty of each piece of lumber to produce unique, custom-designed structures.

Sukiya Tearoom Architecture

We design and build new koma and hiroma Japanese tearooms and teahouses, assisting clients in choosing custom meiboku woods to meet their tastes. We also renovate existing structures. Much construction can be done remotely.

Residential Architecture and Other Projects

We design and construct Japanese residential architecture as well as renovate existing houses, gates, and other structures. Our specialty is working with exposed beams of solid, high quality wood grown in Japan. All serious inquires are welcome.


Company Name: Yamasho

Location: 3-7 Narutaki Nishi Sagazono-cho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto

Established: May 2006

Representative: TATENAKA Masaki

Type of Industry: General Contractors

License Number: Kyoto Prefectural Government License (General-3) No. 36475

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